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Funny News: Mario Super Sluggers Review Wii

September 12, 2008: Mario Super Sluggers Review Wii

...Mario Super Sluggers (MSS) is an arcade-style game similar to the previous entries in the Mario sports series. Gamers looking for a deep simulation-influenced baseball game should keep on looking. Gamers looking for a revolutionary, over-the-top baseball game that is brimming with tons of innovative and unique idea need to keep on looking as well. But if want a baseball title to sit back and play with your friends that is still loads of fun then MSS should fit the bill nicely. Remember not every game has to be a blockbuster for you to still have fun...

...Mario Super Slugger really is a game that will probably find more people playing the Exhibition mode simply because that is the true baseball portion of the game. The Mario theme of the game, special Star hits/pitches and Error Items do make for a fun filled baseball experience. The simplified controls should allow for almost anyone young or old to get into the game as well. Yet the main part of the game, the challenge mode, does feel rather flat simply because it feels like an overblown training...
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